Readers Write: April 7

Maybe more will take MARTA now

When a section of a Los Angeles freeway was destroyed by earthquake, everyone who had to travel that road to work downtown had to take commuter rail.

But when repairs were completed and the highway reopened, a third of those motorists who had become train riders stayed with it. Psychological studies made at that time showed the train riders were less stressed at the end of the day. So maybe MARTA will be able to brighten the days of hundreds more Atlantans who have to endure the commute.


No bad seats in the house at SunTrust

I was lucky enough to attend the March 31 baseball game at SunTrust Park. The stadium is gorgeous. I didn’t have any traffic getting to or from the stadium, and not much of a line to get to the parking lot.

The Braves have many levels of inexpensive ticket options. My grandson paid $12 for his ticket to opening day. Food pricing in the stadium was $12 for three tacos, but you can bring in your own food and a bottle of water. I didn’t see any food or beverages at the stadium that I would call overpriced.

As a Cobb County resident, I am delighted to have the Braves in Cobb County. Their move to Cobb County has brought a significant amount of new business to the area.

The Braves put on an incredible show on Friday night. They hit a home run in the design and amenities in the new stadium. Fans are so much closer to the field in the new stadium. The field, the seats, Monument Garden and the intimate feel of the stadium are incredible. I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house. The energy and excitement of the fans, the Braves staff, and of the vendors was great to see. Everybody was happy to be there and to welcome in a new season of baseball. I loved it.


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