Readers Write: April 3

We must not deny right to arm ourselves

The campus carry bill is very important to the safety of our fellow Georgians and to the future of our constitutional rights.

No one believes that we can make our campuses 100 percent crime-free. Denying Georgians the right to defend themselves where government cannot guarantee their safety is immoral, cruel, and evil.

What is the lesson that our students are learning when our state’s politicians use dishonest rhetorical word tricks to convince us that we have no rights on campus and in other government-designated “sensitive locations?”

If there is one location in the state where our constitutional rights should be respected fully and exercised vigorously, that location is on our college campuses, where the future leaders of Georgia are being educated.


Collapse proves public transit needed

One highway closing in a crucial location and Atlanta faces months of mind-numbing gridlock. MARTA will come to the rescue, but won’t alleviate our traffic nightmares. Had we grown our public/rapid transit like it was really important, our city’s mobility would not be nearly so harmed. Let’s take stock of where we are and where we want to go with our transportation system. Live/work and automobile-free pubic commuting is the future. It’s what millennials seek in a vibrant city. Let’s use this tragedy to build a transportation system that serves our needs now and in the future. We’ll survive occasional crises, have cleaner air, burn less fuel and reduce commuting stress. That would be a win-win for Atlanta’s residents.


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