Readers Write: April 19

Trump committed to strengthening U.S.

So Jay Bookman has run out of patience living in Donald Trump’s weird alternative universe. Welcome to the club, Jay! For the previous eight years, I’ve been living in a bizarre alternative universe where one of the most unqualified men to ever become president made my blood boil daily. I get the fact that some politicians are going to lean to the liberal side, but I never thought I’d see a president go out of his way to weaken the United States every chance he got. Trump is kind of a goofball with his obsessive tweeting, but at least he’s committed to strengthening the U.S. military, the economy, and the morale of those who still care about what this country has stood for over the last 240 years.


Isakson has responsibility to us

U.S. Sen. David Perdue is not the only person who needs to be holding in-person town hall meetings during the congressional recess. So should U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson.

Sen. Isakson recently had back surgery which prevented him from having in-person town hall meetings. He had two phone town hall meetings in early March, which I attended. I appreciated the opportunity to hear Sen. Isakson’s position on various important issues.

When I called Isakson’s office to see when he would have an in-person town hall meeting, the person who answered the phone told me that the senator’s back surgery would prevent him from having one and that the senator had only been recently cleared for two trips to Washington D.C. When I asked why the senator could travel to D.C., but not hold a one-to-two-hour townhall meeting in Marietta, I was met with blustering indignation.

Both our senators need to understand that their responsibility is to the U.S. Constitution and to the constituents of Georgia, not to President Trump or the RNC. They have chosen to toe the party line and have an obligation to explain to us, in person, why this is the choice they have made.


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