Readers Write: April 17

Bookman column on-point about Trump

Thank you for Jay Bookman’s splendid article on “Donald Trump’s weird and misbegotten universe, this alternative reality with alternative facts.” Trump is so infused with his own power and greatness that he creates his own reality and ignores life as it really is. His followers, I believe, love this illusion and support him no matter how wrong he appears. Apparently they can not handle or appreciate a world of normalcy or life as it really is.

What is frightening is that he changes this fabricated universe at will, leaving everyone to wonder just what he will do next. Bookman is so on target!


Great sportsmanship on display at Masters

For parents bemoaning the lost values in professional sports of humility and grace under fire, take heart in the recent magnificent Masters Golf Tournament, where these values were in prominent display.

Whereas professional football has become virtually synonymous with professional wrestling, and even baseball now becoming tarnished with asinine regular season home-plate celebrations more apropos to a World Series victory, the dignified efforts of Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose served as a delightful counterbalance. Each played under enormous pressure to win, yet each wished the other well, congratulating each other’s tremendous shots, even fist-bumping and voicing encouragement.

When Garcia finally won, the two men (friends on and off the course) hugged and offered congratulatory words. No hip shaking, groin grinding, backward flips, etc. Those final moments of the Masters should be made into an educational video to be shown in every school in America — even in colleges, to teach kids how beautiful a thing sports can actually be.


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