Opinion roundup from the left: Afghanistan is Trump’s war now; taking down the Klan; is Trump unfit?

  • Debbie Lord for The Atlanta Journal Constitution
4:11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 Homepage
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
President Donald Trump speaks at Fort Myer in Arlington Va., Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, during a Presidential Address to the Nation about a strategy he believes will best position the U.S. to eventually declare victory in Afghanistan.

A roundup of editorials from the Left on Tuesday includes a look at President Donald Trump’s fitness to serve; the opinion that he now “owns” the Afghan war and what the federal government can do about the Ku Klux Klan.

From USA Today: The commitment to end a 16-year war might persist through President Donald Trump’s presidency and beyond.

From The Guardian: Congress passed legislation to kill the Klan once before, and they should do it again.

From The Atlantic: Is the president unfit to lead if he backs a surge into Afghanistan? It seems he lacks the consistency to stay the course he’s charted, according to The Atlantic.

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