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AJC reporter spends night in SCADPad

By Elizabeth Montgomery - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I had the opportunity to be the first to stay in SCADPad Asia.

So, what’s cool about a SCADPad and what’s a potential drawback?

I was a bit apprehensive at first because my bedroom is larger than the “pad,” but for only 135 square feet, this mini home had enough high-tech gears to keep me entertained all night.

All the electronics are operated through an iPad. So instead of getting some much needed rest in the extremely comfortable bed, I was up exploring. From the windows to the wall, every inch of the SCADPad was an adventure — hard to believe in such a little space. The lighting can be changed to deep blue hues with the “deep sea” setting or bright orange and yellow colors under the “sunset” setting. The windows can frost in an instant with the touch of a button, privacy at your fingertips.

The interior design in SCADPad Asia was beyond anything I could have created. Lamps, dinnerware, 3-D printed shelving and bath products were all hand-made by Savannah College of Art and Design students or alumni. And it was complete with carpeting and a large zebra printed rug on the floor. Essentially these pads can be designed with your personal touch, but I would leave mine as is, thanks to these professionals.

The most unique aspect of this particular pad is the interactive wallpaper. Audio and art students collaborated to create a wallpaper that plays music once it’s touched. It is so elaborate that no spot on the wall plays the same tune twice. Of course, instead of sleeping, I would wake up to touch the wall, just to make sure it was working.

The cons of this prototype project are the small space heats up rather quickly. I turned the heat on before I went to bed because it was chilly that night, and it took no time to get warm. It’s a good idea to have a low heat setting if you decide to fall asleep with the heat on, but it is a great way to save energy.

Another downside is I think after a few days, I may get bored quickly. There were so many exciting gadgets to play with the first night, that by the third night, I would not know what to do. While it is nice to have your own personal space — better than having to share a dorm room — I would run out of fun things to do inside.

The outside community, however, is very tightknit. Although I was sleeping on the fourth floor of a parking deck, I felt safe. I left my door open for a while that night, I had neighbors close to me, and the shared community lounge spaces were a comfortable place to hang out.

A small space may be a little uncomfortable to shower in, but when you think about urban areas in other countries, the small space is extremely beneficial. The accommodations in the SCADPad, no matter how minimal, could be a luxury for some.

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