Corey Feldman calls out Hollywood for not supporting his sexual abuse claims

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, Corey Feldman wants more people in entertainment to speak up about pedophilia and sexual assault in the industry, and he’s disappointed at how many people haven’t supported him.

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“I guarantee you that there were other kids that had these experiences. They need to stand up and use their voice,” he explained in an interview with People magazine. “There are producers that know about things that happened on their sets, or agents who know things about their clients, and actresses and actors themselves—it’s time to use our voices.”

Feldman, 46, has been extremely vocal about the abuse he and fellow former teen idol Corey Haim experienced as kids in the movie industry. According to Feldman, he had long since told the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Officeabout all the alleged sexual predators in Hollywood. He had maintained for years that he and Haim, who died in 2010, were repeatedly molested by producers and actors in the movie industry in an alleged pedophilia ring. He recently accused Charlie Sheen of allegedly raping Corey Haim while the two filmed the 1986 movie, “Lucas.”

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In 2017, reports of sexual misconduct and assault uncovered and disgraced industry players like Kevin SpaceyMatt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein — just a few in a long list of alleged sexual harassers.

“With the #MeToo movement, a lot of people are coming out with their own stories, which is great,” Feldman told People magazine. “Instead of waiting for the ice to crack, let’s be more progressive about it. I’m trying to get everybody to stop keeping it hidden — let’s say our truth, let it out and get on with it. Then we can start to actually make changes.”

For Feldman, those maintaining their silence still have the opportunity to act, and while he understands why witnesses and survivors keep silent, he hopes more people will “throw their neck on the line.”

“This is your chance for redemption, but also a chance to have justice served not only for Corey and I but for the rest of the world. There are still kids out there who are being victimized.”

Feldman launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10 million for a film documenting the trauma he and Haim faced as kids as well as naming the alleged pedophilia ring publicly. On Jan. 6, a Lifetime film called “A Tale of Two Coreys” will debut about Feldman and his former friend’s rise and fall in the ’80s — separate from his planned documentary. Since he’s come forward with his story of abuse, he says that he has not received much support from those in the entertainment industry.

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I’m still shattered by the fact that I haven’t had more support from my peers,” he said, adding his own reasons for why that is. “Fear is a monster. This is the fear that keeps the secret alive, this is the fear that keeps this whole thing going.

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