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Why 'Who is the Real Ted Cruz?' keeps trending

Each time presidential candidate Ted Cruz makes a surge in the polls (which admittedly hasn't been often), a certain phrase/hashtag starts trending on Twitter.

On Saturday, after Cruz beat the Donald in Kansas and Maine , Who is the Real Ted Cruz? popped up all over again.

As you can see, the question of Ted Cruz is mostly answered by a month old story written for the Daily Caller and a video posted on YouTube , created by a self-proclaimed Trump supporter.

Both the video and the article share the title Who is the Real Ted Cruz?  and detail the instances in which Cruz has offered up seemingly contradictory opinions on issues of interest.

They also suggest Cruz is firmly part of the "establishment" and that Wall Street (and Goldman Sachs in particular) is pulling his strings.

Though other media properties have written about the same topic, these two items seem to be the most shared on Twitter -which doesn't make them any better than anything else written about Cruz, but could give them more weight with the average American voter who cruises Twitter for political insights.

Now that Cruz and Trump have cozied up to push the remaining GOP candidates out of the field , we will probably see more of the Who Is the Real Ted Cruz? circulating.

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