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Why is Swedish Fish the most popular Halloween candy in Georgia?

This year, Americans are expected to spend 2.7 billion dollars on Halloween Candy, according to the National Retail Federation. That's out of a total 9.1 billion spent on Halloween with 3.4 billion going to costumes and another $2.7 billion spent on decorations.

Almost everyone (95 percent of respondents) plans to buy candy, so if you don't want to be THAT house on the block with the bad candy, it pays to get it right.

In Georgia, that means stocking up on fish--Swedish Fish, the most popular Halloween candy in the state for at least the second consecutive year. Hershey Kisses come in second place and in third place, having bumped Lemonheads from the top three slots, is Jolly Ranchers.

The candy has experienced such a resurgence in popularity (at least in Georgia) that the brand launched a You Tube series  called "Treadin' Water":

The data in the study, compiled with 10 years of sales information from bulk candy dealer,, was also verified by major candy manufacturers and distributors . It lists the top three most popular candies in each state and the District of Columbia.

Georgia is the only state across all 50 states and D.C. where Swedish Fish are the most popular candy. In fact, it is the only state where Swedish Fish even rank in the top three most popular Halloween candies.

Swedish Fish washed up in the U.S in the mid 1900s having been created specifically for the North American market by the Swedish confectioner, Malaco. The brand is currently owned by Illinois-based Mondelez International, one of the largest snack companies in the world.

Here's a special Halloween episode of "Treadin' Water":

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