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Why Georgia is one of the worst states to have a baby

Georgia is a great place to retire (except when it comes to healthcare) , but for the youngest residents, it seems the state has a long way to go.

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In January, Georgia ranked as one of the worst states to raise childrenfalling short on dimensions such as healthcare, birthing costs and more.


Now, in one of the most popular months for baby birthing -- July, August and September are the most popular months to give birth -- a new survey shows that Georgia is one of the worst states to have a baby.

The state ranked 47 among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in a survey from personal-finance website WalletHub  .

The survey looked at data on everything from hospital charges for Caesarean deliveries to the number of pediatricians per capita.

Georgia ranked in the top 10 for delivery budget, but fell behind on metrics such as healthcare (rank 46) and somewhere in the middle on metrics such as "baby friendliness" (rank 23).

Anyone hoping for a great birthing experience should head to Vermont. To avoid the worst experience, stay out of Mississippi.

You'll pay the highest hospital charges for a Caesarean or conventional delivery in California, New Jersey and New Mexico.

The southern region overwhelmingly has the highest rates of infant mortality including Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Alabama.

Children of all income levels tend to do better in cities/states that support great neighborhoods, schools and amenities and make them accessible to all, but this varies greatly from one city to the next.

Some experts may advise families to plan for the costs of having a baby, but since 50 percent of births in the U.S. are untimed, that may not always be an option.

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