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Whoopi Goldberg to Black Lives Matter activist: 'Get over yourself'

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson got into a feud with Whoopi Goldberg after the View co-host called him out for starting unnecessary controversy over the new movie War for the Planet of the Apes.

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On the show, Goldberg suggested Mckesson do his homework before criticizing Hollywood for personally mocking him by dressing apes in a blue vest which Mckesson has been known to wear. As Goldberg pointed out, the apes in the Planet of the Apes series have worn vests since the 1968 original.

In his since deleted tweets, Mckesson accused Hollywood of dehumanizing black people by associating them with apes. He specifically highlighted a single ape wearing a blue vest.

After Goldberg told Mckesson to get over himself, he deleted the tweets. Then took to Twitter to challenge Goldberg and explain why he deleted his previous tweets on the topic:

Naturally, Twitter came with a bunch of entertaining memes as they waited to see what would come of Mckesson's Whoopi baiting:

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