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Whole Foods 'Orangegate' enrages Twitter and breaks a smartphone

Has the world gone mad?

That is the question Natalie Gordon (aka @awlilnatty) is asking after a tweet yesterday morning spawned "Orangegate" with Whole Foods Market.

Gordon posted an image of peeled oranges in plastic containers at Whole Foods and wondered why the eco-friendly company would do such a thing.

It only took Whole Foods a few hours to reply with an apology and announce they had pulled the item from shelves:

That's when things went crazy. Next thing you know, the poor woman finds her tweet on the Today Show and in other news outlets (yes, including this one).

Somewhere along the line, her phone breaks because of the all the hoopla, and she asks (on Twitter) if Whole Foods will replace it.

Behold, the power of social media. But hey, at least the peeled and sealed oranges are gone, so all is not lost.

This isn't the first time Whole Foods was criticized for a seemingly useless item. Their asparagus water -- bottled water with asparagus stalks inside -- didn't go over so well either.

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