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Twitterverse mostly supports Malia Obama during smoking scandal

A video of Malia Obama smoking at Lollapalooza music festival which took place Aug. 3 - 6 in Chicago has made the rounds of the web courtesy of   Radar Online .

On Wednesday, the gossip site posted a video of President Obama's eldest daughter taking a puff on something, but stopped short of calling it marijuana.

Any reference to illegal drugs was in quotes or was mentioned by an 18-year-old girl/source who said she saw and smelled everything.

Naturally folks on social media (from around the world) have been chiming in for almost 24 hours with comments.

Some questioned the parenting skills of the President, some took Malia to task for smoking whatever she was smoking instead of being a role model and at least as many others suggested that everyone just leave the teenager alone.

A number of stories and posts wondered about the so-called friend who pretended to be taking a selfie while actually filming Malia.

Here's a look at what the people are saying:

In any case, this couldn't happen without people reflecting on the travails of growing up in the White House.

Many recalled the Bush twins and their run-ins with underage drinking and while there was debate over whether they received the same treatment as Malia (some seem to think the Bush twins were criticized while Malia is mostly being supported), there is a strong consensus that even if you are a PK (president's kid) your life should not be subjected to the same scrutiny as your parent.

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