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Trending church signs serve comedy and controversy

Church signs had a Twitter moment this past week as tweets flowed in from around the country featuring church signs with clever sayings...and some that were more controversial than clever.

A church in Houston brought a little humor to drivers stuck in traffic with this sign last week:

But one church sign in Hood River, Oregon caused such a ruckus that some residents protested. The pastor declined to take the message down and responded to critics by saying it wasn't meant to be offensive:

Things got so ugly, one Twitter user posted an image of the church sign next to the image of a billboard which stated "Jesus is Muslim." The ad appeared to funded by a campaign called Ask a Muslim. The Twitter user also posted the Mayor's phone number and told residents to give him a call to protest the double standard.

Fortunately, things weren't all bad this week. One church fed hungry souls this message:

And here is a church that took on Twitter:

But when it comes to combining technology and wit, we have to give kudos to the metro area's own Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church, which has gone digital and is therefore able to keep their most clever messages on continuous scroll. Here is what they had to offer seekers and passerby on Monday morning:

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