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The latest viral beauty trend will make your head spin

Anyone who has been paying attention to beauty trends or has been keeping up with the Kardashians has probably heard about something called contouring.

If you haven't, here is a quick explanation.

You use dark foundation or bronzer on areas of the face you want to recede or de-emphasize (under cheekbones, sides of the nose and under jawline) and a highlighter on the areas you want to emphasize (brow bones, upper cheekbone).

This is a pretty standard practice in Hollywood and in the world of fashion. It is used by celebrities, models and the makeup artists who make them look great.

The Kardashian sisters have become the poster girls for contouring, particularly Kim Kardashian, who has shown her partially contoured face on Instagram a few times.

All this contouring business has become a very popular technique among non-celebrities, with beauty vloggers and bloggers demonstrating the best way to contour your face and offering their suggestions for products to use. It was all well and good, until this week when one vlogger went a little too far, at least according to some Instagrammers.

Beauty vlogger, Makeup Wearable Hairstyles posted a 15 second tutorial on how to contour your neck -- the back of your neck that is -- in order to have a more "slimmer, graceful looking" updo.

Credit: @mwhairstlyes

The video went viral after Huda Beauty, a Dubai-based beauty blogger with 11.5 million followers (who looks kind of like a lost Kardashian sister) reposted the video to her followers.

Despite getting more than 76K likes on Huda Beauty's feed, there were more than a few people among the near 30,000 plus commenters for both posts questioning why exactly this was a thing.


To each his or her own, but this definitely seems like something that may not be worth the time -- not even 15 seconds of it.

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