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The best and worst entry level jobs for 2017

Graduation season is here and thousands of college graduates will flood the job market. Some of them will be luckier than others in scoring a primo entry-level gig.

It's probably no surprise that in our STEM driven society, engineering jobs make up the best entry-level jobs in the country, according to data compiled by WalletHub .

Of the top 10 best entry-level jobs, six are engineering related. Architect, and web applications developer also make the list which is rounded out by safety representative and training specialist.

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It will also come as little surprise that the bottom entry-level jobs are reserved for manual laborers: welders, floor assemblers, boilermakers, plumbers, machinists, auto mechanics and more.

Tax accountants are also among the worst entry-level jobs, but tax attorneys are among the highest starting salaries.

Wonder why so many grads are hitting law school? Of the five jobs with the highest starting salaries, four are in the legal field -- tax attorney, attorney, patent attorney and employment law attorney.

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Anyone who doesn't want to  practice law, but still wants to make a big starting salary can be a drilling engineer.

For graduates who are into computers, the prospects look good for web applications developers and software engineers, but pretty dismal for computer operators since 19 percent of these jobs will be cut by 2024.

See the graphic below, for more on the job outlook in 2017.

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