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Reginae Carter takes on T.I. for calling her dad Lil Wayne an embarrassing buffoon

Lil Wayne's publicist wasn't the only casualty of his recent appearance on ABC's Nightline.

After Atlanta-rapper T.I. watched the show with his children, he called out Lil Wayne on Instagram for his ignorance about the Black Lives Matter movement and said he may have to end their friendship.

It didn't take long for Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae (with ex Toya Wright) to jump to her father's defense also on Instagram asking T.I. why he felt the need to comment publicly instead of sending a private message to his "friend."

The whole thing started when Lil Wayne took a hit from the public after an interview aired in which he looked uninformed about the Black Lives Matter movement. He subsequently fired his publicist. He also later explained his comments by saying the interviewer had thrown him off with negative questions about his daughter.

It may have died there, but then came T.I. on Instagram with a very public post saying Lil Wayne's comments were unacceptable, embarrassing and an example of buffoonery. T.I. then declared if it was necessary to end their friendship, then so be it.

(Warning: Explicit Language)

In response, Reginae, Lil Wayne's teen daughter asked T.I. if he lost her dad's number and noted that he could have copied and pasted the whole Instagram rant to a text message instead of being an attention seeker.

Reginae also made it very clear on Twitter why she went there with T.I.:

Needless to say, Reginae's name spent the day trending on Twitter while everyone debated whether she should have chimed in on a matter between adults or stayed out of it.

Some defended her right to defend her father especially since he became unhinged and emotional during the interview after defending his daughter. Whew!

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