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Real Housewives of Atlanta shed their hair weaves and wigs

What's the newest trend for 2016? Real Housewives of Atlanta showing off their real hair.

Anyone who is a fan of the show knows hair weaves are in full effect on the screen, but recently, select housewives have taken to Instagram to reveal their natural, un-enhanced hair.

For those who don't know, hair weaves are a process in which hair from another source is glued or sewn into the hair on your head. Many a real housewife has found profit in the hair business including Kim Zolciak, who once had (has?) a line of wigs (she wears them) and Williams, who has a line of hair extensions and products called Go Naked.

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Black Girl with Long Hair , a website celebrating natural hair, noted that Bailey was the housewife who kicked off the New Year by going weave-less. She posted pics of herself and Sheree Whitfield with the hashtag #noweavenowigday.

Don't get excited. This isn't necessarily the start of a trend. It was only one day. Bailey's hair assists appeared to be back in place in subsequent appearances.

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Last year around the same time it was Williams hitting Instagram with images of herself without a weave which is obviously not a permanent look for someone who owns a business specializing in hair extensions.

A few of Bailey's IG followers noted that she is the housewife who should have a line of hair extensions -- as hers are always on point.

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