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Powerball numbers you should know

So you didn't win Powerball. You're not alone. The largest jackpot in history just keeps growing.

By now, everyone knows that for the first time ever in the U.S., the jackpot has reached the billion-dollar mark. As of Jan. 11, the Powerball jackpot had jumped to $1.4 billion.

Even though no one has hit the big one, this months-long stretch of Powerball play is still producing plenty of winners. Here's a look some of the Powerball numbers you may not know about:

$868 million: The cash value of the Powerball jackpot as of January 11. The jackpot has rolled 19 times since Nov. 7. Back then it was only $40 million.

6: The number of states where a lottery winner can opt to remain anonymous -- Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina.

$26.9 million: The current jackpot has generated an estimated $26.9 million for Georgia Lottery-funded Pre-K and HOPE Scholarships. Forty percent of Powerball sales goes toward educational programs.

18,315,365: The total number of players across the country who won something in the last round of Powerball play. The total amount of prizes awarded to winners was more than $159.1 million.

67: The total number of millionaires nationwide that Powerball has produced since Nov. 7. On Jan. 9, one  local winner who purchased a ticket in Lawrenceville, took millionaire status. That round of play created a total of 28 millionaires nationwide.

1: The number of letters changed on the Georgia Lottery billboard in downtown Atlanta to accommodate the unprecedented amount of the jackpot. A worker changed the "M" in million to a "B."

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