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More advertisers ditch Duggars' show after Jim Bob and Michelle make an appearance

If Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were counting on "Counting On" to mark their return to television, they may have to think again.

The TLC show which stars Duggar daughters Jill & Jessa (as well as Jinger and other family members) returned to airwaves last week for season two, but not without controversy.

According to several reports, the Duggar clan are battling over the show. Jim Bob and Michelle are allegedly angling for son Josh Duggar -- who has completed faith-based treatment for sex addiction (he was accused of molestation and addiction to porn) -- to return to the show. His sisters are reportedly against this plan.

In the meantime, Jim Bob and Michelle aren't exactly crowd pleasers among the fans. When the couple made a cameo appearance on the season premiere, some of the 2.5 million fans on the  show's official Facebook page announced their displeasure .

"Are they slowly working the lowlife parents back into the show after they slapped Josh on the hand for his wrongful behaviors and then lying about it??" wrote one viewer.

"Don't bring the parents back," said another.

It didn't take long for more advertisers to announce plans to ditch the show, joining at least a dozen other brands who did the same in the previous season including the UPS Store, the Mattress Firm, Cici's Pizza and more. Now other major brands like Gerber are also declining to run ads during the show.

"The Gerber Life ad was inadvertently shown during the premiere of Counting On," a company representative told In Touch magazine. "We have been assured that Gerber Life ads will no longer be shown during this program." also told the publication that the company will be pulling its advertising from TLC Network. The company purchases advertising on a range of cable networks but does not select the specific shows on which their ads air.

At least one other company has said they are reviewing advertising plans internally and discussing how to move forward.

TLC fills the empty ad space with promos for other TLC shows instead of paid advertising. "Counting On" airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET.

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