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A look at the many Atlanta Kroger nicknames

Chances are, if you've shopped in a Kroger grocery store in Atlanta, you know it better by its nickname than its location -- one enterprising soul even created a Google map showing all the stores and their locations (Disclaimer: It includes a few not-so-nice words) and the topic inspired a lively conversation on Reddit.

The nicknames were all purportedly given with love, but there's one in particular that Kroger is hoping to rebrand -- the infamous Murder Kroger. The Ponce de Leon location was dubbed Murder Kroger after a woman was shot and killed there in the 1990s, and inspired a song of the same name by the band Attractive Eighties Women.

The store held a grand re-opening this week in the hopes of making the name BeltLine Kroger -- for its proximity to the multi-use trail -- stick.

Take a look at some of the store's other locations and the reasons behind the names.


Murder Kroger aka BeltLine Kroger, 725 Ponce de Leon -- Curbed Atlanta has a nice writeup on how the store got the name and why it'll probably stick -- basically, until recently, the store and its parking lot had been riddled with crime for years, including a woman getting shot in the parking lot in 1991 and a dead body being found in a car in the parking lot in 2002. The store inspired the aforementioned song, a Facebook fan page and plenty of inspired Halloween costumes. Kroger hopes to improve the store's reputation with a ramp from the store leading to the popular BeltLine and improving the interior of the store.






Disco Kroger, 3330 Piedmont Road NE -- The Buckhead location's nickname is so well-known that 11Alive did a whole segment on how the name came to be. In the 1980s, a disco club called Limelight was located next door, attracting the feather-haired and leisure-suited. Limelight closed in 1987, but this awesome mural -- and a mirror ball from the club that hangs in the store -- still remain.







Kosher Kroger, 2205 Lavista Road NE -- This one's pretty self-explanatory -- there's a large Kosher section at the Toco Hills store, catering to the area's large Jewish population (the location is also known as ToKrogo Hills). There's also a location with a sizable Kosher section on Briarcliff Road.







Hipster Kroger, 1225 Caroline Street NE -- One of the newer Kroger locations in the city, Hipster Kroger is in the Edgewood Shopping District in the gentrifying Reynoldstown neighborhood, home to many aforementioned hipsters. Black-framed glasses, beards and skinny jeans abound.







Baby Kroger, 720 Commerce Drive, Decatur -- Compared to other Kroger locations, the Decatur location is itty-bitty, hence the nickname. So adorable!






Some other nicknamed locations:

Cruising Kroger, 1700 Monroe Drive NE -- The Ansley Park Kroger is the place to see and be seen -- especially if you're looking to pick up a hot date.

Granny Kroger, 3871 Peachtree Road -- The clientele at this Buckhead location is decidedly more...mature than the average Kroger shopper.

Ghetto Kroger, 1160 Moreland Ave. SE -- The neighborhood around this location is a little rough.


Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments.


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