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Kendall Jenner deletes Instagram account, releases second novel

Kendall Jenner is trending and not because of her latest accomplishment.

This week, Jenner, 21, surprised her 68 million Instagram followers by deleting her account.

She is reportedly taking advice from her big sister, Kim Kardashian, who suggested Jenner go on social media diet after she got panned for a photo shoot in Vogue Spain.

In the images, Jenner portrays a ballerina, but the photos are not technically accurate which resulted in criticism on Twitter from actual ballerinas. The backlash was so bad, Jenner issued a response stating that she was just doing her job as a model.

Today, with the release of her second novel, co-written with sister Kylie Jenner, it seems Kendall Jenner is also portraying an author.


"Time of the Twins," (Regan Arts., $18) is a follow-up to "Rebels: City of Indra" released in 2014.

The young adult series features twins Lex and Livia who are on the run and have just discovered they are sisters.

One is a hotheaded military cadet and the other is a pampered "airess." The two are in search of their mother who has information about their destiny to save the City of Indra from corrupt officials.

Here's an excerpt:

"We've left Rock Bottom. This tunnel will take us to the Outlands. I hope this tunnel is as secret as the rebels think, and the Population Control Forces can't follow us. In these black silitex jumpsuits, we look like PCF Troops. Ironic, I was a PCF officer and now I'm a fugitive impersonating one. I bet the uniforms were stolen from the PCF years ago. They are a good idea, though. The jumpsuits will regulate our temperature and prevent us from getting dehydrated in the tunnel."

Over the years, the sisters have also collaborated on a clothing and lifestyle collection, a mobile phone game, a range of nail polish for Nicole by Opi and probably a few other things we just haven't heard about yet.


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