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Hillary Clinton's hot sauce comment causes Beyonce controversy

On the eve of the New York primary , presidential candidate Hillary Clinton landed in hot water -- or hot sauce -- once again.

During a radio interview with New York hip-hop station, Power 105.1, Clinton revealed she always carries hot sauce (and lots of other things) in her purse.

Listeners were quick to accuse Clinton of pandering to the crowd since everyone knows that must have been a reference to Beyonce's "Formation" lyrics as in "I got hot sauce in my bag swag."

Critics said Clinton was trying too hard, but it seems Clinton was telling the truth.

In 2012, Clinton mentioned the hot sauce in her purse in separate interviews with the Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast Traveler. Here's a record of those interviews courtesy of

From Conde Nast Traveler : We asked Secretary Clinton’s office what she always packs: A small mesh bag filled with the basics: Sharpies, Advil, sunscreen. Converters to charge her BlackBerry and iPad anywhere in the world. Red pepper flakes and a mini bottle of Tabasco Sauce for adding spice to her meals.

From the Wall Street Journal: In her Air Force plane, which stocks fruit, almonds and Tabasco sauce, which she dribbles on nearly all foods, including salads, she slept on a foldout sofa in a private cabin.

So unless Beyonce can say she scribbled that lyric on a cocktail napkin five years ago, it may be more likely that the singer got the hot sauce riff from Clinton rather than the other way around.

New Yorkers may be still be reeling from Clinton's last faux pas, which happened just last week after that awkward video of her and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio attempting to be funny went foul .

During a comedic skit at a New York fundraiser, de Blasio fake apologized for holding off on endorsing Clinton saying, "Sorry Hillary, I was running on CP time."

"CP time" stands for "colored people time," --  a slang term used by African-Americans based on the stereotype that black people are always late.

After a mock admonishment from Leslie Odom, Jr., the black actor who was part of the skit, Clinton offers a "clarification."

"Cautious politician time," she said. "I've been there."

Here's the full interview with Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club."

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