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Happy Hallowgivingmas!

What's that? You haven't heard of "Hallowgivingmas?"

You're the only one.

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Oh, OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration. The name itself is something we made up here at the crack AJC Social Phenomena Tracking Department. But the condition it refers to is real. It's the one, long smooshed together holiday that we're all increasingly "celebrating" now starting around Halloween and running straight through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Experts have all sorts of interesting explanations for the growth of Hallowgivingmas, ranging from the improved economy to our overscheduled lives making us more willing -- or forced to -- plunk down big bucks for an artificial Christmas tree at the same time we're laying in the supply of trick-or-treating candy at Costco.

Other people just really like the holidays, particularly Christmas. They've had their houses decorated and Santa appointments booked for weeks, if not months, now. You can read all about them in our story here.

Mark and Gretchen Owens with their daughter, Caroline, at Phipps Plaza following a festive photo session with Santa Claus on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Pre-registration for one of the coveted sitdown sessions with Santa opens on July 1; this year, all the slots for the season (Nov. 1-Dec. 23) were spoken for by Nov. 3rd. photo by Jill Vejnoska

Unless, that is, you're too busy addressing your "Happy Hallowgivingmas" cards.



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