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Georgia couples spend less on weddings, but brides spend most on hair

Georgia couples spend less and have smaller weddings compared to couples in other states, according to a new survey on 2016 Wedding trends from Thumbtack . But in a strange and interesting detail, Georgia brides spend more on their hair than brides in the other states measured.

Couples nationwide are expected to spend 20 percent more on wedding services this year, for an average wedding cost of $12,189 nationwide.

The average cost of a wedding in Georgia is $10,693, according to the data.

Part of that can be attributed to the fact that Georgia couples tend to favor smaller, more intimate weddings compared to other states.

In Georgia, 60 percent of weddings expect fewer than 100 guests and nine percent expect less than 20 guests. Fewer than one percent of Georgia weddings have more than 200 guests, according to survey results.

The bulk of wedding costs (excluding the venue) are from the $3,249 spent on catering. That trend is in line with the four other states for which data is broken out -- Texas, New York, California and Illinois.

But here is where Georgia brides go a little bonkers. Inexplicably, Georgia brides spend more than brides in the four states (and the national average) on their hair!

In Georgia, brides spend an average of $306 on hair. That's well over the national average of $217 and almost $100 more than the next highest state -- California, which came in at $212.

Not even Texas could match Georgia as Texas brides spend a seemingly paltry $165 on their hair. Georgia brides are clearly serious about the hair!

Here are more Georgia specific details on wedding expenses:

Georgia - Thumbtack 2016 Wedding Trends Report

Some other wedding trends featured in the report include formal and intimate dinners, subtler personalizations, and interactive mementos like social-media friendly cinematic highlight videos. See the full report here .

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