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Fox News gets rid of Stacey Dash, Twitter gets happy

Fox News has decided to end its contract with contributor Stacey Dash and Twitter is overjoyed.

The actress, best known for her role in the 1995 film "Clueless", had joined the news channel in 2014.

For several years, she stirred things up with controversial views such as why there should not be a Black History Month unless there is also a White History Month or how Black people are being duped by Black Entertainment Television.

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In 2015, Dash was suspended from the network for two weeks after using profanity while referring to President Obama .

That same year, Dash, who once spent a lot of time in the metro area filming a defunct television series, also got into a social media fight with State Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick, D-Lithonia. Dash criticized Patricia Arquette’s Academy Awards speech on equal pay and Kendrick promised to slap Dash if she saw her. Kendrick later recanted her statement. 

Black Twitter simply could not contain its joy at the news that Dash would no longer be part of the Fox line-up. Many speculated that since there is no longer a black president, Fox no longer needed the services of a black conservative contributor who was willing to pander to the political beliefs of white conservatives.

Many noted that Dash's prospect don't look good, unless some other conservative entity comes to her rescue. In the past, Dash has said that her political views have left her estranged from her family. She also added that the job at Fox News came at a time when she really needed a paycheck.

She turned from actress to political analyst in 2012 when she announced her support of Mitt Romney on Twitter. Prior to supporting Romney she was not politically involved, she said. Her gig with Fox had put her name back in rotation, as most of her acting jobs, including an ill-fated web series haven't made much of a splash.

Dash, who celebrated her 50th birthday last week, has been uncharacteristically silent on Twitter with regard to her release from Fox News.

Her most recent post was about why feminists can't be taken seriously and specifically targeted Ashley Judd's speech at the Women's March on Washington.

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