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DeLorean vs. Ferrari on Back to the Future Day

Today is Back to the Future Day which has everyone debating just how much the 1989 film was able to predict about life on October 21, 2015.

But as we are adrift in sweet nostalgia about Marty (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and their trusty DeLorean time machine, on the real Oct. 21, 2015, it's safe to say Ferrari is  #winning.

The Italian motor company debuted on the New York Stock Exchange and saw shares jump 10 percent in the first hours of trading.

So, here it is, a face-off between two cars that most of us will never own anyway:


Founder: John DeLorean

Birthdate: 1981

Birthplace: Northern Ireland

The cars ceased production in 1983 after DeLorean was charged with drug conspiracy (he was later acquitted.) Though the company had enough inventory to assemble cars for the next 10 years, only about 9,000 cars were made which left a lot of parts. Those were scooped up by various entities (more on this below).

Cost: $30,000 - $50,000 pre-owned or $65,000 assembled to your specifications with a warranty from DeLorean Motor Company , a privately held company in Humble, Texas with no connection to John DeLorean, the DeLorean estate or the original DeLorean Motor Company. DMC Texas assembles cars using original DeLorean parts purchased in 1997 and reproduces certain parts as the inventory is exhausted. They also do restorations. DMC Texas also just settled a lawsuit last month with DeLorean's widow for an undisclosed amount in order to retain the rights to use the DeLorean Motor Company name, trademarks and logo.

Good to know: If you want a DeLorean but are short on cash, contact DMC Texas and they'll rent you a time machine just like the one in the movie for your school event, convention or even your wedding!


Founder: Enzo Ferrari

Birthdate: Though Enzo Ferrari was making the Alfa Romeo in the late 1920s, the company didn't start producing Ferrari cars until 1941

Birthplace: Northern Italy

Ferrari is now being traded in an IPO under the ticker symbol RACE (how cool is that???) It started at $52 per share and according to some reports went as high as $60 per share. The company has had solid performance with revenues increasing annually over the last decade.

Cost: According to , a 2015 Ferrari would cost between $188,425 - $400,000

Good to know: If you can't afford a Ferrari, you can always buy some stock or plan a trip to the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi . If you can wait until 2016, there will be another one in Spain, just outside of Barcelona.

A Ferrari F12berlinetta is uncovered in front of the New York Stock Exchange, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015, in preparation for Ferrari's IPO. The parent company, mass-market carmaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is floating shares under the stock name RACE. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

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