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Cam Newton, a talent of biblical proportions?

So a lot of football watching happens on Sundays -- and maybe, just maybe, Super Bowl 50 is a religious experience for some fans, but is Cam Newton's talent of biblical proportions?


James Brown, seems to think so. Brown interviewed Newton for Showtime's 60 Minutes Sports which airs Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 8 p.m. ET and during the interview he included not one, but two comparisons of Newton to biblical figures.

Here's the transcript:

JAMES BROWN: Dave Gettleman said when they signed you to that contract, it was because they felt you could get them to the Promised Land. You're like Moses now, you're at the doorstep.


JAMES BROWN: Will you be Joshua to take them into the Promised Land is the question?

CAM NEWTON: I'm hoping. I'm hoping. I can't promise anything, but I could tell you this. It's going to be a person that's going to be out there on Super Bowl Sunday prepared and livin' the dream. You know, we've all…we've all dreamed of this moment as Carolina Panthers, as an organization. As even, you know, football players that, say one time I just want to play in the Super Bowl. And for once in…in the sports realm, everyone will pull up a (seat), have a Sunday dinner, you know, have a party for whoever, you know, is doing it, and looking at one game. There's no bigger-- no bigger game in sports.

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And here's the preview:


During the interview, Newton also admits he isn't perfect and reveals that he takes advice and help from other athletes, particularly those out of North Carolina such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

We'll see if Brown's pseudo-prophecy comes to pass on Super Bowl Sunday. If the Madden NFL 16 video game --which has correctly predicted nine out of 12 Super Bowl winners -- and a few other sources who know a lot more about sports than I do are correct, Newton could prove to be Joshua-like after all.

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