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Atlanta educator dubbed 'teacherbae' for images of her outfits that went viral

Social media is hot for teacher.

That would be Atlanta paraprofessional Patrice Brown who assists with fourth grade and has set SM on fire with her attire.

This weekend, several images of Brown posing in the classroom went viral and it didn't take long for the opinions on her outfits to roll in.

Brown, who now has almost 90,000 followers on Instagram, also has her very own hashtag on Twitter, #teacherbae.

While initial comments suggested that her clothing is too tight and inappropriate, as many other individuals have come out in support of the teacher and have raised concerns that no one would be making such harsh judgements if Brown were:

Here are some of the responses:

Brown, a graduate of Alabama State University, was clearly flummoxed by all the negativity from the individuals who took issue with her clothing.

By Monday evening, the images of her in the classroom had been removed from her IG account and Brown posted what appeared to be a response to all the craziness: "This too shall pass."

Now everyone is holding their breath and hoping that this #teacherbae business doesn't have a negative impact on Brown's teaching career.

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