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Why the Braves should dump Dan Uggla

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Fredi Gonzalez and Dan Uggla on a happier day. (Brant Sanderlin/AJC)

Today's AJC includes a column from yours truly advising the Atlanta Braves to release Dan Uggla. (It's also available on I realize such a move is easier said than done. I also believe such a move needs to happen.

Paying him $22.1 million to go away is a major financial reversal, but paying him that much money to sit in the dugout -- counting last night's loss in San Fran, Uggla has started one of the past seven games -- is even more damaging. He has gone from being an All-Star to the 25th man on the Braves' roster, and former All-Stars aren't usually cut out for 25th-man duty.

He can't hit anymore -- and on a team that's last in the big leagues in runs scored, that's an issue -- and he never was Bill Mazeroski afield. If Fredi Gonzalez tries to keep playing Uggla, the manager will do a disservice to the rest of his team. If Uggla is made to sit for an extended period, he becomes a distraction, which no team needs.

Ergo, he needs to go, or so say I. Perhaps you feel otherwise. That's why the comments box exists. Oh, and there's also a poll. And I thank you for your continuing patronage.

Further reading from December 2010: Would you pay $60 million to keep Dan Uggla? The Braves just might.

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