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Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley is a sports columnist and blogger for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Who's picking the over on W's for UGA and Tech? Why, me

Who knew I was such an optimist? Courtesy of Jimmy Shapiro comes word that the sports book Bovada has set the over/under on wins for Georgia at 9 1/2 and Georgia Tech at 6 1/2. Here I note:

I've picked the over for both , if just.

I have Georgia going 10-2, or 1/2 game over. I have Tech at 7-5 -- same thing. (Although honesty compels me to note that I came close to going with 6-6 for the Jackets.) I'm Mr. Bright Side!

Honesty also compels me to note that I picked the Atlanta Braves to finish 71-91, three wins above Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA forecast . For that to happen, they'd need to go 33-22 from here. A team that has played .355 ball to date isn't playing .600 ball over its final 55 games.

Back to football. Georgia doesn't appear a great team but has an inviting schedule. (Especially if you consider North Carolina and Florida overrated, as I do.) Tech's schedule isn't awful, but I'm of the opinion that the ACC Coastal, with its three new coaches, just got a lot better.

Teams on which I'd take Bovada's under: LSU at 10 1/2, Auburn at 7 1/2, North Carolina at 9, Mississippi State at 9 1/2. Team on which I'd take the over: Alabama at 9 1/2, Ohio State at 9, Notre Dame at 9. But I say again: I don't bet, for a reason. I'm often wrong.

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