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UGA + Pruitt = 2014 champs? (OK, I'm trolling)

Remember that Top 25 for 2014 ? The one that had Florida State No. 1 and Georgia No. 12? I've revised it. The new rankings look thusly:

  • 1. Georgia.
  • (Major gap.)
  • 2. Florida State.
  • (Everybody else.)

Yes, I'm kidding. KIDDING, you hear? But since I get accused of picking Georgia to win the national championship every year, I thought I'd have a little fun with y'all. Because that's who I am. I'm Mr. Fun.

Seriously, though: I can't help but be impressed by the drive and dispatch shown by Georgia in landing Jeremy Pruitt to replace Todd Grantham . When Grantham was hired, he'd never been a college defensive coordinator, nor had he -- or has he even now -- been part of a championship team. Pruitt has done both. Heck, at Florida State he just did both.

It also says something about the outside perception of Georgia that the DC at FSU would, eight days after winning the BCS title, leave to work for Mark Richt. It says that Pruitt -- who'd previously worked at Alabama, being part of two championship efforts there -- believes similar possibilities exist in Athens, Ga.

Understand: I'm not picking Georgia to win it all next season. But my projection of the Bulldogs finishing first in the SEC East just solidified.

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