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The Falcons cut Roddy White. And it's the right move

The Atlanta Falcons have released Roddy White. If you're in the market for outrage, you should shop elsewhere. I think it's a good move. I think it's the right move. I think it's the first move this club has made in a while with which I agree.

From Bill Barnwell of ESPN:  " No starting receiver drew fewer targets than White , who was thrown the ball on just 11.7 percent of the routes he ran in 2015. And the only wideouts in the league who averaged fewer yards after the catch than White were DeAndre Hopkins and Pierre Garcon."

We can gripe that dumb ol' Kyle Shanahan didn't get the ball to White, but think about that: You're an offensive coordinator, which means you're judged on making first downs and scoring touchdowns. If you thought White could help further those endeavors, wouldn't you make it a point of emphasis to -- going all Keyshawn on you here -- get him the darn ball?

Those who thought the White of 2015 was capable of being the White of 2010 were looking through -- going all "The Way We Were" now -- misty water-colored memories. He was no longer that player. He was a 34-year-old wideout who couldn't get open and who couldn't do much with the ball even if caught the darn thing. He caught 43 passes in 16 games. He scored one touchdown.

To keep White just because he used to be a great player is to ignore the first rule of roster-building: Get the best players you can find. The Falcons can find better receivers than what White had become. Time was, he was among the very best in the business. That time, alas, was yesterday.

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