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Question time: Should the Falcons draft Todd Gurley?

With the eighth pick of Round 1, the Falcons pick ... this guy? (Brant Sanderlin/AJC)

Simple question: If Todd Gurley is available when the Atlanta Falcons' Round 1 turn arrives in next week's draft, should they take him?

Simple answer: Alas, there isn't one.

They need a pass rusher. We agree on that. We've agreed on that for years, if not decades, if not centuries. The Falcons have hired a coach from the Seattle Seahawks, who won with defense, yes, but also with a powerful runner, and Gurley is believed to mirror Marshawn Lynch more than any other contemporary NFL back.

Running back as a position has become devalued. Everyone agrees on that, too. There was no back taken in Round 1 of the past two drafts. But most analysts see Gurley as the best runner of the past few drafts, and taking him at No. 8 wouldn't be a reach, at least in terms of talent. (He's projected as a top 10 draftee.)

Back to the question: If you're the Falcons, would you take Gurley? For feedback purposes, there's a poll below. Please avail yourselves.

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