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Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley is a sports columnist and blogger for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Miraculously, someone out there agrees with me about the Braves

Contrary to popular belief, I'm human. I get a tingle of satisfaction when someone agrees with me. (Given that almost nobody ever does, I'm down to a tingle a decade.) And here, from Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus, is a missive that expresses something I've attempted to express a time or two regarding the Atlanta Braves.

I'm tempted to quote the whole of Mr. Gianella's article, but that's bad internet form. I would strongly advise you to read it yourself. But I will cite his conclusion:

"This season isn’t about what happens for the Braves this year. It is a staging ground for a future that is about to get extremely interesting and fun in Atlanta. SunTrust Park will host a team that is on the cusp of competitiveness. The wailing and gnashing of teeth about tanking misses the larger point. In this modern era of baseball, building a championship-caliber future often requires living in a sub-optimal present. The lean times in Atlanta aren’t quite over. But even if 2017 isn’t a giant leap, it will almost definitely be a noticeable step in the right direction."

I've tried, several times, to express the same sentiment. I'm not sure I've done it as well as Mr. Gianella just did. Big kudos to him. ( And here's hoping he didn't pick an all-ACC Final Four. )

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