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Live from Jax: It's windy, but UGA still should win

All looks calm, but it's not. (M. Bradley)

Jacksonville -- It's windy at EverBank Field. This could mean something. Then again, probably not. Georgia prefers to run the ball. Florida can't throw it. Not much of a weather-induced edge there, if you ask me.

Traffic outside the stadium is its usually awful self, but it's kind of hard to hype this game. Georgia is a pretty good team. Florida is a pretty bad one. Georgia should win without strain. Florida should find a new coach.

The sun's out and it's not supposed to rain, so we shouldn't have a downpour game -- as happened here in 1993, when Florida called the fateful timeout -- or anything of major impact. (Unless you want to count Todd Gurley not playing, which I guess is still a big deal, although I'm getting used to it. And his teammates have done OK without him.)

The plane was a bit late from Hartsfield this morning, so I ducked in a cab and felt almost at home. Having just spent a week in England, I was treated to the radio broadcast (via Sirius XM) of Chelsea-Queens Park Rangers. Chelsea was leading. Chelsea is awesome.

Not sure if Georgia is quite awesome, but it's better than Florida. Georgia 27, Florida 13.

With that, the figurative floor is open yet again. I welcome your company. And I thank you, as ever, in advance.

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