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A defensive coach to offense? The Falcons again stump the band

Just finished listening to Dan Quinn on a conference call. He wanted, he said, "to explain my thinking." I've heard the explanation. I still don't get it.

The Atlanta Falcons are moving Raheem Morris, a career defensive man, to offense. He'll coach receivers and help Kyle Shanahan, who could stand some assistance, with the passing game. And here we go, "Huh?"

The Falcons' two biggest assets are Julio Jones, who's a receiver, and Matt Ryan, who's a passer. (Jones had a great 2015 season; Ryan did not.) And maybe you're saying: "Football's football -- what difference does it make?" If so, ask yourself this: Would the Braves ask Roger McDowell to teach Freddie Freeman how to hit to the opposite field?

(OK, not the greatest example. Freeman is actually pretty good at hitting to left. But you get the drift.)

I'm reasonably convinced Quinn is a bright guy, and I have high expectations for him as a head coach. But this I don't get. Maybe the logic is too high-minded for a dim bulb like me to see it. Or maybe this defies logic.

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