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Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley is a sports columnist and blogger for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In college football, pickin' season is over. It's time to play

Officially, the Cal-Hawaii game played last week in Sydney, Australia, marked the opening of the college football season. (Cal won.) To me, and I suspect to you, this holiday week is the one that counts. Many key tilts in exotic places! Green Bay! Arlington! Orlando! Atlanta! (Even Auburn!)

At least four of my Top 25 teams will have lost by midnight on Labor Day, and there's a chance three or four more could, too. Speaking of that Top 25, it ran in Sunday's AJC and can be found here . Spoiler alerts: Alabama isn't No. 1, but it's not far off; Georgia isn't in the top 10, but it's not far away.

Speaking of which: My game-by-game look at Georgia's regular season also ran over the weekend. I have the Bulldogs losing twice -- at Ole Miss and to Tennessee -- and that's it . As mentioned a time or time, Georgia has a mighty inviting schedule . But you knew that already.

As for Georgia Tech: I'm picking the Yellow Jackets to go 7-5 . That bit of prognostication ran in the ol' AJC just this side of Memorial Day. And now we're approaching Labor Day, which means pickin' season is all but done. The playin' season is at hand.

Further reading: Football Outsiders Almanac: Georgia Tech to go 6-6, UGA 10-2.

Further still: Who's picking the over on W's for UGA and Tech? Why, me.

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