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Weekend Predictions (sound check): 'Sack Schultz 2017' now open!

You can win $2,500!

(Old journalism training: Don't bury the lead. #NotFakeNews.)

Weekend Predictions, our traditional weekly mutant writing and investment newsletter, which is not to be confused with old journalism, begins again later this week. In conjunction with Predictions, the popular "Sack Schultz" contest also returns . And you can win, in theory, if you're better than me, which you're probably not. Moving on...

Each week, a national vendor will select 15 games. All you need to do is pick the winners. Don't worry about the point spreads. As always, there's a glorious prize at the end of the road: The contestant with the most wins at the end of college football's regular season will take home a $2,500 Apple Vacation Gift card, or $2,500 in cash. Weekly winners also will take home a prize from Fathead.

There are no "local" prizes this season, but winners and leaders will receive frequent shout-outs in the Weekend Predictions column. And, really, how do you put a value on that? And, OK, I also plan to put together a relatively low-budget "Sack Schultz Sack of Prizes" for the local winner  at the end of the season, the value of which depends on how much I can successfully cheat on my expenses.

As always, I will have two sets of predictions: Those in the Weekend Predictions column (which are against the spread) and those in the "Sack Schultz" contest (which are straight up winners without the spread). Sometimes there is overlap.

As a bonus, WSB-TV's Zach Klein and I also will pick four games each week on our "We Never Played The Game" podcast . So subscribe (for free) and listen in.

Good news (for you): I'm not eligible to win the prize. However, any of my several pseudonyms might be. Hypothetically speaking.

To enter the contest, simply go to Registration is now open!

Subscribe to the,We Never Played The Game” podcast with the AJC's Jeff Schultz and WSB’s Zach Klein on iTunes. Episodes also can be downloaded from on-demand link on

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