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Urban Meyer gets it wrong on Tim Tebow

It was never my intention to write another blog about Tim Tebow or why he's not cut out to be an NFL quarterback (still). But then Urban Meyer told the assembled media at Big Ten Media Days, "I still don't get that part of it. He's the second-most efficient passer ever to play college football." And that sound was me slapping my forehead.

If you ever wondered whether Meyer could work in the personnel department -- or coach -- in the NFL, there's your answer: no.

Tebow obviously was a great college quarterback at Florida and remains one of the greatest college players of all time. But there's a reason he hasn't had a football job since being released by the New York Jets following the 2012 season. His skills don't translate to the NFL level.

Most observers not drunk on TimmyAde understand this. Meyer isn't one of them. The fact he supports his case for Tebow with the player's career passer efficiency rating at Florida says it all.

Here is a link to the list of the top 250 quarterbacks in career passing efficiency. You'll look at many names and wonder, "Hey, whatever happened to him? And him? And him?"

To save you some time, there are only four quarterbacks in the top 25 all-time who are/were proven quarterbacks: Andrew Luck (Stanford) at ninth, Robert Griffin III at 17th, Chad Pennington at 20th and Jim McMahon at 25th. To be fair, some players on the list can't be judged yet.

I won't copy the entire top-250 list but here's the top 50, via

The point: while a college passing efficiency rating -- which differs from the NFL formula -- hardly precludes somebody from being an effective pro quarterback, it just doesn't carry a lot of weight.

That's something Meyer either doesn't understand or doesn't want to publicly acknowledge about his favorite pupil. Even if Tebow were to be considered a borderline player worthy of one of the 96 NFL quarterback roster jobs (three per team), the fact he brings a fan and media circus with him likely hurts his cause.

And so, instead of preparing for a season in an NFL camp, Tebow preps for the college football season in a climate controlled studio of the SEC Network. And for that, he's eminently qualified.

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