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Poll: Should Falcons pursue Adrian Peterson, Randy Gregory?

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Adrian Peterson, here with wife Ashley Brown, may be traded by the Minnesota Vikings. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse charges and accepted a plea deal.

Would you want him as the Falcons running back?

Randy Gregory tested positive for marijuana at the NFL draft combine and subsequently admitted that he smoked marijuana through his time at Nebraska, in part to deal with stress.

Would you want him to anchor the Falcons’ pass rush?

Peterson and Gregory fit into an overall theme entering the Falcons draft. I believe the organization is more likely to take a chance on a player with some off-field baggage now under coach Dan Quinn than it has at any time since 2007. That was the year Michael Vick was indicted for operating a dog fighting enterprise and the Falcons immediately cut out high-risk players.

But now the Falcons are coming off two losing seasons and they believe they may need to take some chances on some players.

For more on this subject, I have a full column on linked here.

Here’s my thoughts on Peterson and Gregory:

• Peterson: I don’t see it happening, even though a Minneapolis-St. Paul newspaper reported the Falcons are among the teams that may have interest in him. The Falcons are committed to get as much out of this draft as possible and I don’t see them giving up the assets it might take to get Peterson, nor do I see them wanting to try to squeeze his salary under the salary cap. That’s even before you deal with the PR aspect of this. The team is far more likely to deal with the running back issue in the draft.

• Gregory: I’d stay away from him. It’s far beyond the fact he tested positive at the combine (although you have to question the intelligence of an athlete who uses drugs when he knows he’s going to be drug-tested before the most important week of his career). The fact Gregory admits he got high throughout his time at Nebraska to deal with stress and anxiety is a major red flag, whether he is an addict or not. I’m sure every NFL team is debating this very topic.

But I put it to you. Should the Falcons pursue either Peterson or Gregory. You can vote in the polls and comment below.

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