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Podcast blog: Tech's Roberto Castro on Masters, his rise, Tiger Woods

AUGUSTA -- The entry list for this week's Masters includes eight players from either Georgia Tech (three) or Georgia (five). One of those players, Roberto Castro, who will be playing at Augusta National for the second time, gave an expansive interview on the, "We Never Played The Game," podcast.

The audio of the podcast is embedded here. Some of those comments are included in the full column on , along with a few quotes from an off-podcast interview I had with the former Georgia Tech golfer. It was a great conversation on a variety of topics. Here are a few highlights.

• On what happens first, Castro wins his first major or Tiger Woods wins his 15th: "Probably the former. ... (Woods) has a lot of physical issues to overcome. And even if he does, the level of play (on Tour) is so high. It’s really difficult to win a major."

• On growing up in a golf-playing family (his aunt played on the LPGA tour; his grand parents were on the Peruvian national team as amateurs): "When I was young my grandfather went out to the garage and used a pipe cutter to cut down his old clubs. He put about 30 wraps of tape on the grip. I still have a couple of those. I played other sports (and) was pretty athletic until I was about 13 or 14. Then everybody got taller and faster. I was thinking, 'My days are numbered here.'"

• On being a tormented Atlanta sports fan and still being distraught over the Falcons' Super Bowl loss: "I'll never be (over it). Nobody should. Some kid in Mexico wanted me to sign a Patriots hat."

Did you?


By the way, Castro also is a great follow on Twitter: @cicioCASTRO

There's more in the podcast. The full column is now posted on

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