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Podcast blog: Roddy White dishes on Falcons, Super Bowl, blackjack

We had Roddy White on the "We Never Played The Game" podcast. Let me rephrase that: He had us.

If there's one thing WSB's Zach Klein and I have learned from more than a decade of interviewing White when he played for the Falcons, it's that you never what the man is going to say. But he's never going to be shy about expressing his opinions and he's always going to be entertaining.

Tuesday was no exception. White spoke for more than an hour on a variety of topics, including his five children, his career, his exit from the Falcons, his near signing with the New England Patriots, his decision to say no to a few non-contenders who made overtures (Minnesota, Tennessee, Tampa Bay) and, of course, the Falcons' recent Super Bowl loss.

White had tickets waiting for him, but he decided not to go to the game. Why? Because he dropped a bundle playing blackjack in Las Vegas the night before the game, so he canceled plans to take a private jet with friends to Houston.

He shared some great Las Vegas stories and gave his thoughts on Shanahan's late-game offensive plays calls that effectively opened the door to the Falcons losing the game.

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White on what he would have done if he was playing for the Falcons when Shanahan sent in a high-risk pass play with the Falcons already in field goal range against New England: “I told Julio (Jones) I would’ve jumped offsides."

Yeah, that's enough of a tease.

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