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Patriots troll Falcons with "28-3" on scoreboard before season opener

Well, here we go.

On the same day Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan penned a first-person column on what it felt like losing the Super Bowl to New England after leading 28-3 ("The Hangover" can be read on The Players Tribune), the Patriots delivered a sucker punch Thursday night.

The photo below was captured by Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman on Twitter.

Note the scoreboard above the tunnel at Gillette Stadium, before tonight's season opener against Kansas City.

Here. I'll enlarge it:  "ATL 28, NE 3. 2:12 3RD QTR."

It's not surprising fans have jumped on the "28-3" things. A number of hats and T-shirts have been made and the comeback has been central to Falcons' jokes since February.

But it's a little surprising the Patriots as an organization would do that? Or then again, is it?

Do you think the Falcons would do the same thing if the situation were reversed?

What's interesting is Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are good friends. At least I think they are. Or were.

Do you feel this is appropriate or out of line? You're free to vent.

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