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Michigan botches recruiting pitch

There are two subjects I generally try to stay away from: Recruiting (because it nauseates me) and mocking somebody else's spelling mistakes (because, well, you know).

Butch Jones' Mother's Day card.

But this item brings the worst of both worlds together, so . . .

College football coaches are going to greater lengths than ever to get the attention of recruits. Tennessee coach Butch Jones sent a player's recruit a Mother's Day card. Notre Dame photo-shopped the image of coveted high school quarterback Blake Barnett on a poster of the school's seven Heisman Trophy winners, with the question, "Are you next?"

Michigan coach Brady Hoke also tried to get creative in his pursuit of Detroit high school running back Mike Weber (who also reportedly has been offered by Tennessee but is not being recruited by

Irish eyes a Heisman winner?

Georgia or Georgia Tech). The school sent Weber a fake ESPN Magazine cover with a picture of the player carrying the football in a Michigan uniform. A large headline reads, "The Man of the Year."

The problem is there's a big typo elsewhere on the magazine cover. Can you spot it?

Weber referenced the mistake on Twitter with this comment: "u of m cold with these edits."

I'm not suggesting Weber will make his decision based on the typo. But it is funny coming from Michigan, one of the better public universities in the nation.

Can you imagine the reaction in these parts if an SEC school made the same mistake?

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