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Maybe SEC has a few QBs after all

In the long and tortuous lead-up to the season, somewhere the impression was created that the SEC was a quarterback-less league.

Oh, they had bodies to fill the position, but they were clueless temps, just there so the center snap wouldn’t keep rolling until the other team picked it up.

Lest we forget, that notion filtered down from the coaches themselves, as they struggled just to name someone who knew a few of the plays and didn’t come out onto the practice field every day with his helmet on backwards.

So, after the first week, who distinguished themselves among a field that was not nearly as inept as advertised.

It wasn’t Auburn’s Jeremy Johnson, but that may be because his team played an opponent with a pulse, Louisville. Auburn won his much anticipated debut as the Tigers full-time leader, but he was less than efficient (11-of-21, three interceptions).

The one pubbed-up quarterback in the conference, Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott, had more trouble than expected against Southern Miss. He declared afterward that he had, "missed some easy throws, throws that I can't miss." We’ll get a clearer read Saturday when the Bulldogs host LSU.

Among those who played the traditional creampuff opener, here were the top five SEC quarterbacks after Week One:

Honorable Mention: Greyson Lambert. Had only Georgia asked Lambert to do more, he might have cracked the top five. Alas, any a preliminary read on him will have to await a Saturday in which he has not been handed a plain vanilla game plan.

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