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Falcons White will be all right

There is a very simple formula when dealing with Roddy White: Take everything he says and divide by two.

The very characteristics that have made him the most flammable and prolific of Falcons receivers also make him one of the more unpredictable interviews in a league where everyone’s working on his Bill Belichick imitation. White is quick and flip with a response – kind of like when making a move on cornerback and letting him know about it after the catch (in his prime).

He took a little detour this week and talked about wanting to be more included in the Falcons offense, only in earthier terms. And then just as quickly walk some of it back. Anyone who was more than momentarily bemused hasn’t been paying attention over the last 10-plus seasons.

Again, factor the source as with other of his vocal and social media bursts in the past, and then shrug.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Excused from practice Wednesday for personal reasons, White will, on his return, play as hard as his 33-year-old body will allow. He doesn't know any other way.

At his current pace, White would finish with 24 catches this season, for 368 yards and zero touchdowns – unacceptable numbers for the Falcons all-time leading receiver. Numbers that no proud competitor with his resume would be pleased with. Numbers that should grow somewhat in the natural course of a season, even though he is more of a supporting actor than ever before to the Julio Jones/improved running game headliners.

Roddy White is not going to be the typo in this – to date – epic poem of a season. He is not going to be a problem child, sounding the lone discordant note. He is smarter than that.

He may chafe at the new realities of this offense and his role in it, but he’ll adjust. He must. With the wins piling up, belly-aching is a particularly petty sin.

What this little episode did more than anything was to underscore the idea that this is White’s last season wearing officially licensed Falcons game day gear. And that he and we should appreciate each catch, no matter the number, while still possible.

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