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Bulldogs get big leg up on 2018

Here it is June 27, 2017. So, naturally, you are wondering: How is Georgia’s 2018 recruiting class taking shape? You are the impatient type. Forget about speculating on oil or gold or oranges. The teenaged muscle market is where the real forward-thinkers work.

The Bulldogs are in a celebratory mood this day, as a high school running back from North Carolina ceremoniously committed to Georgia for the season after this coming one. Georgia loves to poach backs from North Carolina – see Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. In fact, as far as we know here, running backs may rank as that state’s third leading commodity, behind regressive legislation and impersonal banking.

This one is five-star back Zamir White, of Laurinburg, N.C., rumored to be both tough and fast. Georgia won his affections over such noted rivals as Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson. No word yet on whether those programs were planning to shutter their windows and sell off their assets as a result.

Sadly, White arrives one year too late to put the Bulldogs in the national championship game in Atlanta, where their revival would have been so loudly celebrated. Georgia will just have to make do with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel until the next set of legs descends from Mt. Olympus (White’s nickname is, after all, Zeus).

Any question whether Georgia has maintained its standing as a leading institution of toting the rock?

For those who may be particularly giddy: The national championship site for Jan. 7, 2019 is Santa Clara, Calif.

Gloating about recruit is a little rash, I suppose. Like cancelling your life insurance after a particularly optimistic palm reading. But any win is a good win in these early stages of the Kirby Smart Era; and it’s the only kind available here two months before the first taste of cupcake at Sanford Stadium (App State, Sept. 2). So why not enjoy, responsibly?

The Bulldogs have a long, proud tradition of celebrating its recruits. As to what happens after that, well, it gets a little fuzzy.

The new back may be rated the top at his position in the country but he is not perfect. There is one alteration required. At Scotland County High, White wears No. 34. That has to change. That number is forever reserved for another recruit, class of 1980, who panned out even better than expected.

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